Down and Connor Diocese

Newsletter (5/07/2020)

Parish of Carnlough & Parish of Tickmacreevan (Glenarm) Guidelines to be followed while attending church during this time of the Covid19 Virus.

Our first priority is the obligation to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all who attend Church. The obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days remains suspended until further notice. You are discouraged from attending Mass more than once a week to allow as many as possible attend.

Entrance to the Church is via the main front doors only.  All are to exit through the side doors.   On entering please use the hand sanitiser.  A Steward will direct you to a numbered seat. There are no missalettes. Families of no more than 5 can sit in the Sacred Heart and the Marian shrine areas. Altar Servers are not required at this time.

When the number permitted to be in the church at any given time is reached the external doors will be closed.

For the distribution of Communion each block will come forward, row by row observing the 2 metre ruling, and will return by a different route- to be explained at Mass.  The Priest will move from block to block to distribute Communion.

Preference in the Church should be given to parishioners who do not arrive by car. Those in their cars will have the Eucharistic Minister bring Communion to them.  At the appropriate time they should leave their cars and line up on the entrance drive to the carpark (Parochial house side)  at the side door, again observing the 2 metre ruling . A Minister/ Ministers will distribute Communion at that point.

Holy Communion may only be taken in cupped hands. The Readers and Eucharistic Ministers will sit near the Ambo during Mass.  They will wear face masks and will also sanitize their hands before and after distributing Communion.

As you leave the Church, a collector will take your offertory collection envelopes from you at the side exit doors.  Those in the carpark will not be forgotten- a collector will stand at the side door, (school side) to receive your contributions as you leave the carpark.

With Church services being suspended over the past 16 weeks, we have lost out on an income of approximately £13,000 from each Parish through the weekly Collections. This does not include the special collections or Trocaire. Bills still have to be paid so it would be much appreciated if you would return your contributions at your earliest convenience to the Church or Parochial House. All your 16 weekly offerings could be put into one envelope.  The Monthly Stipend could be put into one envelope and the ‘specials’ e.g.  Holy Land, Easter, etc. should be kept separate in their own envelopes.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation at this time of uncertainty and a special ‘thank you’ to the parishioners who help as stewards, cleaners, collectors etc.


Monday 10AM (Carnlough) SACRAMENT OF PENANCE before Mass at approx. 9:30AM

Wednesday 7:30PM (Glenarm)

Friday 10AM (Carnlough)

Saturday (Vigil) 5PM &  7PM (both Carnlough)

Sunday 9AM & 11AM (both Carnlough)