Down and Connor Diocese
  • President: Father Dermot McKay PP
  • Chairperson: Maureen McAuley
  • Deputy Chairperson: Margaret Rowan
  • Members: Brigid McGuckian, Mairead Scullion, Elizabeth Ann Wasson, Christine Steenson, Rosie Simpson,

What is a Parish Pastoral Council?

The Parishes of Carnlough & Tickmacreevan (Glenarm) have a joint Pastoral Council consisting of parishioners from both parishes.

A group of committed people of God (Priest, religious and lay people) called upon to investigate pastoral matters, reflect on them thoroughly and recommend practical conclusions.

The Priest acknowledges the wisdom of the Parishioners and expresses his desire to share with them his responsibility for the governance of the Parish.

Set Pastoral Themes for the Parish – everything to do with the life of the Parish can be discussed.

Mission Statement

“Where there is no vision the people will perish”. Proverbs 29:18

The parish pastoral council, working alongside our parish Priest, shall carry out God’s will by encouraging all parishioners to be active as a parish family. In this way all of us can fulfill our baptismal vows and with the power of the Holy Spirit make our parish a place of belonging, faith and love.

“So faith, hope and love remain, these three, but the greatest of these is love”. Corinthians 13:13

 Pastoral Plan

Worshiping Life


Ensure that families in our parish can grow in their prayer life


  • Provide the opportunity to attend Spiritual Events
  • Bible Group (Classes in understanding scripture)
  • Eucharistic Adoration
  • Prayer/Novena Group
  • Parish Mission



Create a more open and welcoming community


  • Baptismal Group
  • Set up a Welcoming Committee

Passing on the Faith


All members of our Church are supported in their relationship with God; throughout their lives as they grow in Faith together


  • Youth to participate in The Prayer of the Faithful at a monthly Mass
  • Look to introduce a Children’s Liturgy to the Parish
  • Provide opportunities for promotion of Priesthood and Religious Life
  • Liaise with the school to involve the primary school children

Lay Participation


We will promote a Culture of Co-Responsibility between the Parish Priest and the Laity and promote a Culture of Volunteering


  • Support our Parish Organisations
  • Actively promote Lay Participation in these