Down and Connor Diocese

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit”

Mt 28:19

Baptism is the foundational sacrament and the prerequisite for all other sacraments. It is a sacrament which cleanses us from original sin, makes us Christians, children of God and members of the Church.

In our parish baptisms take place on the first Saturday of every month and are arranged by speaking directly to the parish priest.

Parents are encouraged to participate in our new Baptismal course. This course will help parents and guardians understand the true meaning of this sacrament and to appreciate the encounter with Jesus Christ in this joyous occasion.

Things to Remember


Parent(s) are required to file a copy of the child’s birth certificate and baptismal form in advance of the baptism taking place. The birth certificate will be returned to the parent(s).


The role of a Godparent / sponsor is that together with the parents they help the newly baptized child to live a Christian life by teaching and example. One Godparent / sponsor, male or female, is sufficient, but there may be two; one of each sex. To be admitted to undertake the office of Godparent / sponsor a person must:

  1. Be appointed by the candidate for baptism, or by the parents or whoever stands in their place;
  2. Be not less that sixteen years of age;
  3. Be a practicing Catholic, who has received the Sacraments of Confirmation and the Eucharist;
  4. Not be the father or mother of the person to be baptized.

*A person belonging to a non-Catholic Christian church may be admitted only in company with a Catholic sponsor and then as a witness to the baptism.